democrat paul chandler withdraws from state house race

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purse replica handbags Among those gone are Miss Basketball winner Jordan Walker of Mona Shores, the senior core of Reeths Puffer, all time leading scorer Hannah Reinhold at Oakridge, 1,000 point scorers Reiko Johnson at Spring Lake, Kaitlyn Geers at Kent City and Allyson Richards at Fruitport Calvary Christian and all everything Iyana Brown at Fruitport.That a boatload of talent that graduated off area teams, but the cupboard isn entirely empty either for the 2017 18 season.Here are 10 storylines to follow this season:Mona Shores has won four consecutive conference titles and the Sailors have had to battle past Reeths Puffer and Muskegon to do it. They were the top three teams last year and all figure to be in the mix again.Mona Shores must replace its starting backcourt of Walker and Alyza Winston, who transferred to Muskegon. The Sailors do return senior forwards Ryleigh Wehler and Veronica Kastelic and junior wing Nia Miskel purse replica handbags.


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