Death Mask’s equivalent of Latveria Hermes Replica Bag is the original Ruritania from The Prisoner of Zenda. And the Black Panther and Aquaman Expies are descended from Allan Quartermain and Captain Nemo, respectively. Shout Out: Lots. Antaeus is a shout out to the Golden Age Superman. Ditto, Graywing to the Golden Age Batman. Athena is a shout out to Wonder Woman. Big Game Hunter is based on Kraven. Black Wing is obviously a shout out to Batman. Black Wing II is an homage to Nightwing.

Replica Hermes Orphaned Punchline: The ‚joke‘ that Dragon wrote for Jester that ends „That isn’t a cow. That’s just my cave chicken“. See Cannot Tell a Joke. The Plan: Jane pulls off one of these for an All Fool’s Day prank. Real Women Don’t Wear Dresses: invoked Jane adamantly refuses to wear a dress to the ball, even when her mother forbids her to go without one. The end result is Jane skipping the ball to chase after a garden thief. Though you get the feeling the animators just didn’t want to render everyone in their evening attire, it’s a bit of a derailment from the heroine’s usual reasonable and compromising personality. Word of God is that Jane felt that if she did wear a dress, it would be seen as backsliding from her goal to be a knight, especially in the eyes of her mother. Shipper on Deck: Pepper, Smithy, Dragon and Rake for Gunther and Jane before it is revealed that they do not, in fact, like each other. Gunther at least teases Jane over her interactions with Jester, implying he is aware of Jester’s feelings, though that may just be him behaving towards her as usual. Ship Tease: Several moments between Jane and Jester could be argued as this. Teens Are Short: Both played straight and averted, as most but not all of the teenage characters are shorter than the adults. Truth in Television, as the series takes place in the 800s, and even as far back as the 1860s puberty still took place at age 16 and a half or older. There Is No Kill Like Overkill: Sir Ivan’s response to being humiliated by Jester is to prepare every weapon he can in two days and take all of them to the duel. Then Jester derails the whole thing by declaring a duel of wits (the rules are somewhat unclear as to what a „weapon“ is), the one thing Sir Ivan is somewhat lacking. Toilet Humor: Dragon and Gunther have a fascination with this. Tomboy and Girly Girl: Jane and Pepper, the royal cook. Unusual Euphemism: Jane and her friends use faux medieval type curses („Bat bladders!“ and „Maggots!“) and insults („Biscuit weevil!“). Expect a string of these whenever Jane and Gunther start bickering. The Voice: Wolves often feature as a threat but are never shown beyond a shadow accompanied by growling or howling. „Well Done, Son!“ Guy: Gunther. Replica Hermes

Replica Hermes Birkin The main characters are: Gorsky: One of the two main characters. Despite the Polish surname, he is black. Seems more level headed than his partner, except when he suspects someone of being racist. (Doesn’t stop him from invoking some stereotypes himself though.) He is also more experienced, having already starred in a different comic by Adler and Piatkowski. Butch: The other half of the „Salt and Pepper“ duo. More energetic than his companion, he is becoming increasingly frustrated with being stuck in a comic that makes no sense. He dreams of finally finding the sense just so he can end the story and take part in a real graphic novel. The Comissioner. Balding, fat, with impressive moustache and a history of overusing violence at work (he has a diploma in his office) he is the spoof of all the bad tempered police chiefs in fiction, in fact he went to the academy with commisioner Gordon. He regularly threatens the heroes and even fires them twice during the series. In later stories it turns out he is actually plotting against them, making sure they continue the fruitless search to keep the plot going. Maciek (Polish for Matthias). He is the only recurring female character in the series. Jerry Collins. Originally an incompetent little brother to a Wild West villain, he was picked up along the way by the heroes to serve as their sidekick. Since then, his history has been retconned several times, depending on what is needed to make him miserable. Butt Monkey of the series. The comic council. A group of hooded figures, Man Behind the Man for the Comissioner, they plot to prevent Gorsky and Butch from succeeding Replica Hermes Birkin.


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