Clarke’s Third Law: There is magic in Oz, but the strike team doesn’t encounter much of it. What they do see are a lot of machines that run on electricity, which might as well be magic to most agents, who are familiar with a world where steam power overtook electricity. Collision Damage Making physical contact with any Crasher causes this, as do the walls in 16 1 if not shot beforehand.

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My favorites? Well, this whole season, because I’ve done awards seasons with Jennifer before, and she wasn’t totally confident in her own self at the time. She hadn’t learned what she loved yet, but she has now, so it was such an amazing collaboration this time. She’ll say, like, „Mark, I might be crazy, but what do you think about some kind of neon,“ or I was obsessed with Rihanna’s hair, the long hair but shaved on the side, and that’s how we came up with her SAGS look, she wanted some back but pinned underneath and I flipped one side back, and pinned it underneath, and left the whole other side down off her face, and I loved that.

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