Essentially, the internship should offer valuable training experience to the unpaid intern. If they are fulfilling duties that are the same as an entry level employee, they should be considered an employee and therefore have rights to minimum wage and benefits. Non profits have a little more freedom as they are typically allowed to accept volunteer work..

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Wish u all the best regards, ur old friend“ so i didn’t reply to him because it’s all untrue i didn’t leave him and i did respect him i was more than good to him really i was. And after that he sent me „bye good luck on whatsapp with such pics“ and i didn’t say anything so he started pinging me a lot and than he removed me i didn’t say anything. Not even a word.

The degree to which a digital piano recreates the sound and feel of an acoustic is the most important thing to consider while doing your research. This 88 key digital piano with its‘ Graded Hammer Standard weighted keyboard, and Advanced Wave Memory provides an authentic acoustic playing experience at a fraction of the cost of an acoustic. It’s an excellent choice for a piano player or piano student who wants to make a modest investment.


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