What was Henri thinking? Alpha Bitch, Girl Posse: Group B. Ambiguously Brown: Mari’s friend Linda. Seriously. Used in Yu Gi Oh! ARC V, as the Synchro dimension considers slavery, poverty, and extreme prejudice normal and natural. The protagonist discovers this the hard way when he gets publicly mocked by a giant crowd for being understandably horrified. Not because he is gay, because he is not bisexual.

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Crapsack World: And how. Monsters outnumber the humans, any real attempt to fix things is met with hostility and outright violence, and the deities are uncaring at best. Even the people trying to keep things under control end up doing some pretty questionable things, because there’s no other way to get the job done.

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In Slayers Xellos is tolerated as a team member in spite of the fact that everybody knows that he follows his own agenda, and will betray the party at the drop of a hat, if it suits his purposes. And they allow him to come back every time that happens, since he’s too useful to leave out, and indeed it’s impossible to stop him from coming along if he wants to, which is pointed out in the manga. It’s also brought to attention in Slayers Revolution, where Lina warns Pokota not to pick a fight with Xellos, because she’s not sure they could take him.

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