„They are acting like they didn know what was happening, (but) there isn a damn thing the crew can do without the owners telling them what to do,“ he said. „Nowadays the technology is so good these owners are on the bridge with the captain every step of the way. And, in the area of Lancaster and Lebanon counties north of the Pennsylvania Turnpike (Interstate 76) and east of state Route 501 to state Route 419; south of state Route 419 to Lebanon Berks county line; west of Lebanon Berks county line to state Route 1053 (also known as Peartown Road and Greenville Road); and west of state Route 1053 to Pennsylvania Turnpike (Interstate 76), the daily bag limit is one goose, with a possession limit of three geese. This restriction does not apply to youth participating in the youth waterfowl hunting days, when regular season regulations apply..

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