Le deuxime exemple citer est celui du leader amricain de la distribution Wallmart. Sa stratgie („Every Day Low Price“) repose sur un systme d’information trs dvelopp qui permet de suivre en temps rel la rotation des stocks (poste de cot moyen dans la distribution). Le facteur de performance dans cet exemple est la cohrence qui existe entre la stratgie et le systme d’information..

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Lampshaded in the Alt Text for Comic 106 Wingdinglish: The various graffiti on the walls are usually important omens for upcoming events in the comic. Other times they’re just shoutouts. Also the Asraan, Elvish, and Niketh languages. If you are a fan of television you’re more than likely familiar with the once popular sitcom Seinfeld. In an episode on this show, George, one of the lead characters, was concerned that a security guard, who worked at one of his father in law to be stores, was standing all day and sought to secure a chair for him. Eventually, the guard got the chair and shortly after that the store was robbed while he was fast asleep in his rather comfortable chair..

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