Items such as player salaries and travel expenses are not included in that figure.It would appear that the survey may be a little conservative in some of its estimates. Non Florida residents, for example, spent only $18.58 a day on lodging, which means there were 1) a lot of people sleeping four to a room, 2) an awful lot of people staying with relatives, or c) more people were sleeping in their cars than ever before. Even with three left handed pitchers Jim Abbott, Chuck Finley and Mark Langston who won 18 games or more last season, the Angels finished last with an 81 81 record and averaged just four runs a game, second lowest in the league.The wise guys were saying that with the Angels around, we didnt have to wait for the Marlins and Rockies to see an expansion team.But so far, the Angels rank as one of the surprise teams with a 16 13 record and a three game winning streak entering Saturdays game with the Blue Jays.

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