Despite being one of the newer Sci fi franchises (compared to, y’know, the other franchises that start with „Star“) The Stargate verse is the third longest science fiction franchise in terms of hours. No single Trek series has more episodes than Stargate SG 1. It’s a long way from either Doctor Who or Star Trek, but those have been around since The ’60s, whereas the Stargate movie was released in 1994..

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Eddie, however, said in a Guitar World interview that „Unchained“ is one of his favorite songs, and that listening to it gives him chills. What parts of the later Sammy Hagar years became. Compare „Dreams“ or „When It’s Love“ to something like „Humans Being“, „The Seventh Seal“ or „Crossing Over“, and you might not guess the latter songs are even from the same band.

I believe the huge increase in video game sales to be attributed to the game content. In the last few years, huge leaps have been made. These include things such as the graphics of the games, the online capabilities and the immense overall potential of the games.

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