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relica birkin hermes Dry dock No.1 was also covered over. This was in preparation for the Hunt class countermeasures vessel project, although only two vessels of the class were eventually built at Yarrow. The long disused hall was subsequently demolished in 2008.The succeeding government of Margaret Thatcher began a privatisation programme and the profitable Yarrow was one of British Shipbuilders‘ early divestitures. It was sold in 1985 to GEC’s GEC Marconi division, becoming Marconi Marine (YSL). Hermes Birkin replica GEC began a programme of major capital investment, culminating in the construction of a large Module Hall, north of the covered building berths, in 1987.[12] The Charing Cross Tower based Yarrow Admiralty Research Department (Y ARD) marine engineering and naval architecture consultancy was sold to CAP Group in 1986 relica birkin hermes.


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