Foreshadowing: There are a lot of hints that Ernst was an imaginary friend before The Reveal. 1) He appears suddenly next to Richie after three days on a bender, 2) Nobody but Richie interacts or acknowledges his presence, 3) Devon and Ingrid discuss him in the past tense and 4)when Richies tells Devon about being with him, she packs up and leaves, realizing Richie is far gone. Full Circle Revolution: Richie’s grand plan to turn American Century around, after blowing up a corporate merger is to turn the company into the same mob front corrupt business that he hated to start with.

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Grimaldus raised his war maul, aiming it to the embattled heavens. Is our city! This is our world! Say it! Say it! Cry it out so the bastards in orbit will hear our fury! Our city! Our world! CITY! OUR WORLD! Laughing again, Grimaldus turned to face the oncoming horde. Alien dogs! Come to me! Come to us all! Come and die in blood and fire! AND FIRE! The Reclusiarch cut the air with his crozius, as if ordering his men forward.

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