„About the time it was becoming a significant city, gold ran out.“ Bidwell left the area and went to Chico, and the town of Bidwell Bar faded away. „It’s all covered up by the lake now,“ Martin said. The bridge built in 1856 that crossed the Feather River was originally used for pedestrians, animals and eventually cars. Proving that not even an incessant flow of human head sized turds can dissuade people from trying to turn every goddamn thing into a pet, there are those who’ve done exactly that with capybaras even though they are illegal in many places, are prone to scurvy, will chew anything they find into kindling, and have a tendency to launch ass scented hairs from their anal glands at the slightest provocation. And, in a turn of events that we’re sure is in no way related to that ass hair thing, there’s a distinct possibility that Florida may soon be overrun with these guinea pigs the size of a Buick. The Syfy original movie practically writes itself..

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