Stage fright fraught bartender Jake Barker of St. Petersburg, Fla. vs. reformed metalhead Stevie Jo of Tyler, Texas., „Higher Love,“ Steve Winwood: Usher says he feel this would be a stretch for both singers, and indeed, the rehearsals are worrisome. Usher urges Jake to project a little more, and wants Stevie to replace his vibrato with power. I’m not too thrilled with the final result. They both gunk up an already complex song with superfluous runs, although I’m more partial to Stevie’s richer sound. Shakira loves Jake’s falsetto and think he’s the victor. then says, „Or maybe Stevie.“ Adam doesn’t care who Usher picks, because he’s going snag the losing singer. Blake says they both brought „energy and entertainment.“ Usher appreciates the way Stevie has improved already and chooses him. But Adam and Shakira both buzz in for Jake, followed by Blake, although I think he’s just doing it to mess with Adam. Although Shakira tells Jake he reminds her of Justin Timberlake and promises an intro to Rihanna, Jake finds a kindred spirit in Adam.

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