Now it is up to you how to use the flat. You can rent the flat to someone for immediate money. In a mega cities like Bangalore or Mumbai the rent of an average two bedroom flat will be more than enough to pay for your monthly expenses. It was great comedy, but it was also well told stories with solid emotional underpinning, and it was also political and social commentary, and superb animation. I not her to malign the undeniable greatness of Looney Tunes or the fun of SpongeBob, but I think the variety of things The Simpsons was able to do and do well in its classic years sets it apart.Gravity Falls has a great plot and mystery.Avatar/Korra both have amazing worldbuilding and animation.Adventure Time scores points in the batshit insanity category.Over the Garden Wall is pretty much a short and excellently made movie.We Bare Bears is great so far, even if it only has five episodes.Not to mention all the adult animated shows (gotta admit though, none of them have captivated me as much as the above ones).And that ignoring anime. Don think I have enough room for all there is to say about that.All in all, I think it safe to say we in an animation renaissance.So much of Futurama is just wacky, irreverent and off the wall comedy that funny, but not inherently clever.

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