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Replica Bags The iconic suit continues to create a strong statement, perfumed with the irreverence and ambiguity evoked by one of the first female stars ever to adopt a men tux: Marlene Dietrich. Bringing drag to glamorous new heights, the German born actress famously donned a top hat, tux and white bow tie for her role as cabaret singer Mademoiselle Amy Jolly in Josef von Sternberg’s Morocco (1930). Still decades away from trousers becoming accepted as a fashion item for women, it was a bold move deemed as scandalous by some. But Dietrich, who performs a number in the film before downing a glass of champagne and planting a kiss on a well to do female punter, was all about pushing boundaries. didn pretend it was anything but what it was; she was doing it to turn on both the woman and the man, which appealed to everybody. As it should; it was so free. fake bags Replica Designer bags When a man dresses as a woman, the audience laughs. When a woman dresses as a man, nobody laughs. They just thought she looked wonderful. as late as 1966, the year in which Saint Laurent debuted le smoking in one of his couture shows, the concept of a woman in a tuxedo suit traditionally the Rolls Royce of men black tie wear ruffled feathers. Yves Saint Laurent smoking made its first appearance in an haute couture collection, it started a revolution. A man article of clothing thus became the symbol of female emancipation, stated the press release for the 2005 exhibition Yves Saint Laurent Smoking Forever, which showcased the designer countless interpretations of the suit up to his retirement in 2002, from the dress version to the smoking jumpsuit and bolero Replica Bags.


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