Down the Rabbit Hole: Because Madotsuki has few things to do in her waking world besides refuse to leave her bedroom, play her Famicom, or visit her balcony, she spends most of her time exploring her bizarre dream world as she sleeps. Dummied Out: There are several large islands on the 8 bit plains map that can’t be accessed without cheating. There are also sprites for an unused blindfold effect, as well as mugshots for unused Will o‘ the Wisp and Greyscale effects (although it’s also possible that Madotskui would become greyscale in the White Desert).

Fake Bags „Miss Meia“ would still fit better. Blue with Shock: Happens to Dita when Misty takes Hibiki’s First Kiss. Pyoro, while he doesn’t change colors, also seems shocked by it. As this exhibition opened, DAM museum director Christoph Heinrich sheepishly admitted that he did not know many of these artists beforehand. That’s not necessarily his fault. As Ms. Fake Bags

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Teenage Wasteland: The most raider clans seem to be consisting of fairly young people Tomboy and Girly Girl: Evi and Eryn. True Companions: The coregroup of characters and players grows together pretty closely. Haile always mentions how the group is her family.

Beast Mastery Hunters due to one, incredibly great skill. Stampede which summoned out 6 pets for the hunter and increased their damage by 75%. The math for this? 175x6x0.5 (how much the pet is doing x how many pets x % of the hunter’s damage) is 525% damage.

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The English dub gives the hotel chairman the name of Hodgkins, but he goes similarly unnamed in the novel. Now, That’s Using Your Teeth!: Jin stops Hodgkins’s chained knife by trapping its blade with his teeth. Obfuscating Stupidity: Giuseppe. Anything That Moves: Telia. She’s a hopeless pervert as well as a thief, and when she’s found running out of the village, the Wanderer asks her if she slept with the guy chasing her and told his wife, or just slept with the wife. Artificial Limbs: Elena’s husband, but he still couldn’t get around well.


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